1 day to go…

…’til Metallica Chapter Day 2021! See a new preview shot right here every day until we launch MY’TALLICA’s virtual reality show on June 26, 8pm CET. Join us as we rush through Metallicas audiovisual history, together with all the Metallica Family around the planet. The streamed event will be shown at and on YouTube.

This event is presented by German Metallica Fan Chapters Metal Miltia Germany and St. Germany and is a never-seen-before experiment for all of us. Check out MY’TALLICA’s brand new video show which takes ALL historical Metallica cabinet designs on ONE stage – in this online event an onwards, live on tour with MY’TALLICA in Germany.

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  • mytallica-virtual-reality-show-germany-2021-until-it-sleeps
  • mytallica-virtual-reality-show-germany-2021-fuel-fire
  • mytallica-virtual-reality-show-germany-2021-NoLeafClover
  • mytallica-virtual-reality-show-germany-2021-frantic-amps
  • mytallica-virtual-reality-show-germany-2021-cyanide
  • mytallica-virtual-reality-show-germany-2021-hardwired
  • metallica-chapter-day-II-2021-mytallica-virtual-reality-show-germany

Rocknacht Soest 2025 bestätigt

21. Februar 2024

Eine Metallica Tribute Show mit Another Nameless Ghost als Opener - auf diese Rocknacht in Soest freuen wir uns ganz besonders! Auch wenn wir ...

Metallica Takeover Weekend Munich 2024

12. Februar 2024

Metallica Takeover Weekend Munich 2024 In May 2024, Metallica are returning to Germany for two Munich shows. Just like 2023's takeover weekend in ...

MY'TALLICA Kaperfahrt Hamburg SOLD OUT!

24. Januar 2024

Seek & Ahoi! 2024 spielen MY'TALLICA erstmals zwei Abende im Logo Hamburg! Unter dem Motto "(Almost) No Repeat" gibt es zwei weitgehend ...

Early-bird Tickets EXIL Göttingen für 2025

16. Januar 2024

Achtung, Metallica-Fans in Göttingen! Das Team des EXIL beschert euch für genau 66,6 Tage und somit bis Mitte März 2024 Early-bird Tickets zum ...